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What is the Most Crucial Piece of Equipment in Your Office?

With money tight across the UK and businesses struggling to deal with serious fluctuations in their income, chances are that your office will have to make some cuts here and there to help balance the books. As our offices are almost as populated by business machines as they are human beings it often falls on their digital shoulders to take the brunt of any cost saving exercises. With this in mind, do you know which pieces of office equipment your business really could not do without to keep your ship on the straight and narrow?
Runner Up: Multifunction Printer
A good contender for ‘most crucial piece of office equipment’ is of course your trusty multifunction laser printer. Gone are the days when you had one printing machine, one scanning machine and one photocopier as now all of these jobs can be done by machines like A&A’s sumptuous Brother DCP7030 mono multifunction laser printer. This machine is hub of many lively businesses as it can produce a whopping 2,400x600dpi print, scan and copy resolution and sits neatly in the corner enjoying a fantastic 1 year warranty.
Runner Up: Reliable Telephone
Definitely one of the most important pieces of equipment in your office must be your telephones. Without one of these most businesses would grind to a halt as even if a lot of your work happens on computers, a telephone is essential for interdepartmental communications and of course to speak to clients or indeed the public. A&A’s spectacular BT Converse 2100 telephone with redial and mute functions and a 3 number memory in slate metallic grey is just such a telephone. It will sit perfectly in any office setting and provide all the functions you need to carry out your communications.
Winner: Your Computer
While these are both very crucial pieces of office equipment, there is no doubt that your computer is the most irreplaceable. With email replacing almost all paper mail, databases and project management software being used by many companies and as more and more businesses move a lot of their information online it is crucial that all modern businesses have a solid computer network and a great website. Knowing this, A&A has compiled a first class range of computer accessories, hardware, software and other media supplies to ensure that your crucial piece of office equipment is fully loaded and ready for business.
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