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Can You Go Green with A&As Extensive Collection of Business Supplies?

Did you know that the world’s consumption of paper has grown approximately 400% in the last 40 years? We now consume about 300 million tons of paper every year, which at the rate we are going, is set to keep on increasing. Plus, considering that 35% of all trees cut down in the world are used to make paper, if we want to look out of our windows and see trees for the rest of our lives, we need to do something now. So what can you do to go green today?
Give green a go!
A&A are very proud of their green products and strive to bring you the most ecologically sound products as possible. This way, not only do we feel like we are doing our best to save the planet, we give you the chance to make a green choice when you select from our great range of professional stationery products. To start feeling that tingle of environmental glee you might like to start using:
White A4 Data Copy Colour Printing Paper (160gsm) - Save £10
This is some of the best standard printer paper around which A&A has made available to you with a saving of 45% on the recommended retail price. This paper is made with real sustainability in mind. The trees used to make this paper are grown in 100% sustainable forests which are well managed and guarantee you that your paper is not made from any illegal or protected sources. So if you want to feel good about the paper you use and save some money while you do it…this is the paper for you.
Single Wall Strong Flat-packed Ambassador Packing Carton 152x152x178mm (Pack 25) – Save £3.61
If you need a good strong box but don’t want to forfeit the planet to get it, these great boxes definitely fit the bill. Whatever you need boxes for, be it for storage, moving, protection or if you are a removals company looking for a bulk order, you will certainly be making a difference to our planet by choosing these ones. A&A actively sought out and selected this brand for its ecological policy and for the sustainability of the trees used to make these boxes so that you could make the green choice when it matters.
These are just a few of the green products that A&A Business Supplies offers as part of its extensive online selection. Why don’t you have a look now and start doing your part for the planet today?
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